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Samoa – The ‘Last Place on Earth’ (until December)

In the morning that we arrived in Samoa, we were supposed to be heading to the local fish market, but secretly not relishing the thought of staring at a lot of dead or slowly suffocating creatures, our attention was drawn … Continue reading

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Pago Pago, Tutuila Island, American Samoa

I drew the curtains on the morning of my birthday to find that the seascape I had become accustomed to had been replaced with lush rainforest greenery and shipping containers. We were docked in the harbour of Pago Pago, on … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Hawaiʻi

Our first stop in the South Pacific was Hawaiʻi which I had been looking forward to visiting, especially since learning about indigenous Hawaiian culture from a Hawaiian man (who was going home to Hilo) on the boat. Not surprisingly, prior … Continue reading

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Passenger Liners and Environmental Practice

The Cruise Line International Association (a body representing the interests of North American cruise companies)  reported in September that the cruise industry is one of the fastest growing areas of tourism. The environmental practices that cruise companies choose to either … Continue reading

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Feeling sick on the Ocean waves

Our boat was scheduled to leave from the port of Long Beach just outside of LA, which is a strange place, with an atmosphere somewhere in between that of a theme park, a failed beach resort and a film studio. It … Continue reading

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On our journey through the South Pacific we were able to sample many of the islands’ own delicacies and specific ways of preparing food. The food in Hawaiʻi represents a microcosm of Polynesian food, drawing on recipes that have been … Continue reading

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