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Amok Curries, Mango Salads and Morning Glory: Cambodian Cuisine

While Thai and Malaysian food is now readily available on most high streets in the United Kingdom, there aren’t many places where you can sample the somewhat understated cuisine of Cambodia. Though it draws on culinary influences from Thailand, India, … Continue reading

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There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than enjoying a good Thai curry in Thailand, where the taste is different enough from the varieties you’ve tried back home to make you wonder… This je ne sais quoi is partly thanks to … Continue reading

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Malaysia: Street food in Penang

Malaysian food is drawn from Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese influences, resulting in a fusion of flavours and textures that’s difficult to find anywhere else. Penang especially is renowned for its food, and some of the very best can be … Continue reading

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Melbourne Markets

As Spring gave way to summer in Melbourne, there was more and more to explore every day as new craft, food and festive markets began to explode onto the scene. Melbourne is known for its permanent markets too, however, and … Continue reading

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