Santa Cruz

Bookshop Santa Cruz (1520 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060)

The future looks bright for this great, not so little, independent bookshop in Santa Cruz which has been going since 1966. Earlier this year, the Santa Cruz branch of Borders shut its doors, deservedly leaving the BSC to reclaim its title of the Santa Cruz community bookstore. Borders was never popular here by most accounts (Santa Cruz, like most Californian towns and cities, is fiercely local-centric).  The Bookshop doesn’t seem to be resting on its laurels though – the continuing shift to digital is eyed with caution if attempts around the store to enforce the idea that ‘you can go digital but still shop local’ are anything to go by. As is the case with most independents, the Bookshop is highly innovative, hosting regular events, writers competitions, book recommendations from ‘trusted book store sources’, an indie best-sellers list and a reader’s club which apparently has over 14,000 members.  The shop was full of people when we popped in – both locals and tourists – so it certainly seems to be a great community asset. Long may it continue!

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