Tired of London (tired of life?)

After nearly six years of living/working in London, the daily northern line commute/high speed pace of everyday life had started to grate. Much as I love London, I had begun to feel like I was seeing more of the underground and office than anywhere else and had noticeably started to adopt the corpse-like pallor and  slightly awkward/hunched posture of the 9-? commuter, used to putting their head down, elbows out and headphones in. This in combination with finding my first grey hairs was making me feel slightly older than my 27 years. I was lucky enough to really like the place I worked for (a fantastic environmental publisher) but after its independence was sold to the highest bidder earlier in the year, I saw an opportunity to change things, to swap the rapid for a considerably slower place of life. So the upshot is that we’re going to travel around the world without taking a plane, embracing slow (and hopefully low carbon) travel and rejecting a life where everything must be done immediately. There’ll be long (blissful?) periods at sea with no email contact but I will get over my temporary technophobia enough to update this blog every now and again for anyone interested in what we’re doing.

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  1. AP says:

    Anna, you probably don’t remember me – I interned at Earthscan for a couple of weeks before I, ironically, got a job at the exact same “highest bidder” that bought Earthscan. I walk past the old Earthscan offices regularly and feel a pang of sadness every time.

    I, too, am finding some grey hairs and feeling ground down by the rush and aggression of the Big Smoke. Maybe I’ll have the courage you’ve shown to up sticks and do something a bit more meaningful.

    Thank you for the blog – I have a look every now and then. Inspirational stuff :)

    • anna says:

      Hi Anneke,

      Thank you so much for your lovely message – it’s great to hear from you! I do indeed remember you and I’m so glad to hear that things have been going well :) I totally get how you feel about London – it can start to grate after a while and sometimes you need some space away just to remember why it is you’re still there. I hope you manage to get a break over the xmas holiday and it gives you some time out to decide what you want.

      It’s really nice to hear that you’re reading the blog and Alex and I both really appreciate your comments. Have a great rest of year and I’m sure 2013 will hold lots of exciting adventures for you :)


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